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Responsible gambling

Gambling is, to most of us, an occasional manner of entertainment, but, for a certain percentage of underage gamblers, it has the potential of becomming a lifestyle. As services supplier, on & pwd company ltd is committed to respect the grounds of responsible gambling.

Underage gamblers

Therefore, pwd company ltd does not allow anyone under the age of 18 years old to take part in its gambling. More, to make sure that minors don’t attend or gambles, it is necessary that we receive all our clients’ name, address, sex and age. Also, we make sure that the whole advertising, sponsorship and promotional activity doesn’t address underage clients. In order to help you prevent the minors’connection and gambling without your knowledge:

Use a children protection software to block the access of children under 18 to gambling sites.

Do not leave the computer unsupervised during an open session.

Do not provide underage children with details regarding the credit card or the bank account.

Do not use „Save password” activated on the log in screens.

Create separate profiles for your children, so that no one has access to your data.

If you know any client of ours that is younger than 18 (or than the legal age in their jurisdiction), please contact us.

People who should keep gambling under control.

Most people gamble within their financial boundaries, but for some of them, it can get out of control. While gambling, please consider the following:

Gambling should be taken as a form of entertainment, not as a real way of earning money.

Avoid gambling in the purpose of recovering losses.

Gamble only as much as you can afford to lose.

Take into consideration the amount of time and money you waist on gambling.

If you are concerned that gambling have taken control over you life or someone else’s, the following questions should help you clarify that issue.

Do you think it is necessary to keep gambling under control?

Ask yourself the next questions:

Have you ever neglected your job or your studies because of gambling?

Has your family life ever suffered because of gambling?

Do you gamble to win money to pay off your debts or to solve your financial problems?

After you had lost, did you feel the need to go back as soon as possible, to recover that loss?

After you had won, did you want to go back to win more?

Have you ever played to the last dollar?

Have you ever lied, borrowed, sold or stolen anything and used the money for gambling?

Would you rather gamble than spending time with your family or friends?

Are you against the idea of using the „gambling money” for usual expenses?

Have you ever gambled to forget about your concerns, problems or to get rid of boredom?

Does gambling give you sleeping trouble?

Have you ever needed to celebrate a fortunate event with a few hours of gambling?

Do arguements, dissappiontments or frustration cause you the inner-need to gamble?

Have you ever thought of self-distruction or suicide as a consequence of gambling?

Most of the addicted gamblers will answer „YES” at least at seven of these questions. If you’re seeking conselling, click on one of the following links: